All About Shopster, earlier called AnuReddyCollections

The woman is one entity of human being who upholds multifaceted roles efficiently. We are extremely privileged to be born as SHE. Having graduated from engineering background and then working in multiple MNCs we kept moving as the life took us. The large pause of our life was when we became mothers to the beautiful ones. We then realised the transformation and the boon that we have to give birth to someone.

While the whole journey had been very new, we kept missing one the most lovely things every girl or a woman tends to do. SHOPPING !!!

With the increasing tummy when we were cautious about our increasing weight and the new maternity clothes were all in, we were quite eager to be on track with the latest trends. This continued as the focus of life revolved around taking care of kid and coming back to work after the so-called maternity leave. The little leisure would always be craved for. When we could luckily grab some free time, we would slip of into having a power nap. This is however the situation of many women in the big wide world.

We thus came up with the idea of creating a global platform to exhibit latest sarees online. We then put in our cent percent to get various kinds of sarees at cheap rate. With constant hunt of quality saree manufacturers in Kanchi initially and then from across the country, we could succeed in getting sarees of different fabrics, designs, costs. We have started displaying pure silk sarees of various ranges. We started understanding that always prices cannot be the priority. We thus started working on creating some sensational designer sarees at affordable prices.

While there would be some who prefer to wear only pure cotton sarees, there would be many who would wish to wear pure kanchi pattu sarees. We thus have huge collection of sarees from various places to suit all kinds of preferences as designer wear, simple clothing or according to the colours.

Ever since the life begun, our mothers have been compromising in various ways at every phase of life for their kid’s brought up. With high regards in heart and mind for all the mothers out there we tend to render an helping hand for all woman for that matter to be in constant touch with the trendy sarees in India. We have also bought some explicit products such as jute sarees online.

We wish to connect with huge number of women from across the world. We shall be highly obliged to know each of you.